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Dedicated to the patches and badges of law enforcement agencies in the islands of the Pacific.


Welcome to Martin Cassidy’s Pacific Islands Home Page. This site is dedicated to the patches and badges of law enforcement agencies in the islands of the Pacific.  I have updated the page in the Winter of 2023.  I hope you enjoy my site.


If you need anything pictured on the site, please email me at 
and I will make every effort to help you, I do have a few extra insignia.  It may take me some time to reply to you so please do be patient.
I am a collector of law enforcement and first responder badges and patches, specializing in insignia from the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. I also collect items from other locations and from the USA. 
If you know of any insignia from the Pacific Region which is not represented on my site please let me know. I will be happy to give you credit if you allow me to post a picture on this s

I am Member # 761 of Police Insignia Collectors Association of Australia

I am interested in trading or buying any items I need from the Pacific Area and other exotic foreign lands.
I also collect United States patches and need items from the following states (only):
 HI, MT, NY, & WY. Please contact me if you have patches to trade or sell. Will buy one patch or entire collections.


If you are collecting law enforcement insignia know who you are dealing with before you spend your hard earned money. Some patches sold on eBay are unauthorized reproductions or just plain fakes, especially patches from the Pacific and Africa.

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